This Fortnite Bug Needs To Be Fixed Now

A game-breaking glider insect was destroying people’s games for months now but is apparently going unnoticed by Epic.

In a name with as many factors the glitch, as Fortnite or Slide up is unavoidable. Whilst some of those issues are solved within hours, others go weeks or months with no attention.

1 bug That’s frustrating the community Effects players that redeploy their glider buffet. This may happen when using one of those slipstreams in The Grotto or Steamy Stacks, or only after hitting a Launch Pad.

Players move slowly when gliding when struck with the insect. The problem will remain with you When it occurs. This makes having a Launch Pad to rotate when they’re now the only kind of freedom, a departure sentence, which is not perfect.

Turner “Tfue” Tenney and his trio have been landing throughout scrims in The Grotto. At least among those three, almost each and every game are struck by this particular particular bug resulting in tragedy in the match. On Thursday nightit got to the point at which they ceased using the slipstream and decided enough is enough.

With no updates scheduled before the season’s end, we could Observe this difficulty persists for 2 or another week. Hopefully, the 3 spot will feature a Choice of bug fixes Solution for this particular glider difficulty.

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