Splash AI-Music Roblox Game Had 1m Players In 20 Days

Last month, we wrote about Australian AI-music startup Popgun’s Launching of a music-making Match for Roblox, The gambling system with 115 million consumers, including a lot of kids. Those children could queue up to play with virtual’DJ sets’ by making music from scratch utilizing the AI-generated beats, effects and loops of Popgun.

From 19 May the match, Splash Music, Had attracted over 93,000 visitors, but it has been climbing. It’s had over 1.1m visits, with over 33,000 Roblox players using favourited it. “Who knew children loved music ?” tweeted Popgun boss Stephen Phillips, with tongue firmly in cheek.

We are going to remind one of Phillips’ description of his firm’s ambitions, at a Music Ally meeting in December 2019. “What is the end-game for it? There is not this place on the Planet Where teens come together to make music. That location Doesn’t exist, and that is nuts! That thing needs to exist, and it will exist. And obtaining the AI functioning is your price of entrance That matter,” he said . “Where is the’pop celebrities on wheels’ Where they create music for one another, Location, launch it and watch every single other, feign to be pop stars, but go on to develop into pop Stars? Who is going to make that distance where the Billie Eilish Comes from?”

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