New Fortnite Leak Essentially Confirms Big Season 3 Rumor

A Brand New Fortnite Escape has less or more supported the rumor about Season 3: which the map, at least partly, underwater of the game will be submerged by it. For what seems like months, we have been hearing Epic Games is creating some huge changes to Fortnite’s map for Season 3, and that these adjustments are water-themed.

Not only have been a bajillion escapes pointing straight into the, but even hyperlinks unrelated to the map, but such as note of an Aquaman epidermis , were pointing into the map shift.

The Point is, we knew there were several changes coming into the map of the game, but the most up-to-date escape of the game affirms this. PlayStation leaked a few 3 icons in other words, the icon that the match will have on the dash for Season 3 this week. And what’s this Season 3 attribute that is star? The conflict bus flying over what looks like the match map coated in water.

As you would anticipate, Fortnite buffs have their own notions about what the icon means, such as a concept which a collaboration involving Spongebob and Fortnite is occurring to the new season.

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