Google Gives Gmail A New Logo

Google is replacing its iconic Gmail envelope logo with a That Google considered dropping the bull altogether or completely removing the Gmail red color, but individuals involved with consumer research studies were not pleased with the changes.

The research did, however, help Google recognize that the envelope part of the Gmail logo wasn’t a crucial design element, allowing the team to experiment with maintaining the M and adding Google’s traditional color palette.

Google is attempting to merge Gmail, Chat, and Docs into a central Office and Outlook email. The brand new Gmail logo still feels predominately red, with a The new Gmail emblem is currently an M created from Google’s heart blue, red, yellow, and green trademark colors. It closely matches similar logos for Google itself, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and many more Google products. The envelope is no more.

Small bit of yellow along with the blue and green holding the arch of the M. If you set it alongside Google’s other logos, then it’s difficult to distinguish between them, though.

Quick Company reports The new logos are part of a broader revamp of Google’s G Bundle applications, which has now been rebranded to Google Workspace.

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