Fortnite Bug Lets You Enter Battle Royale After Half Of Players Are Already Dead

There is in Fortnite A bug letting a Battle Royale is entered by players even after half the players in the game have died!

After being approved into a Battle Royale, Leaves the participant on the loading screen for 2-3 minutes.

The participant is then dropped Circle starts to shrink, once – on average – around half of those players in the game will have been eliminated.

The insect could be seen as an advantage and disadvantage to the Influenced player. On the one hand, the player sits outside the skirmishes, the interval in which players are likely to expire. On the other hand, they miss the chance to amass as other players in the sport as resources and many weapons.

The bug only happens from the first Battle Royale Computer has been rebooted, indicating the computer fails to cache the game information that is essential before the game has been played for the first time in that session.

The bug isn’t recorded on Fortnite’s list of known issues. Epic Games was approached for comment.

Fortnite is nearing the end of another period Apparently interrupted by the outbreak. Season 3 of Chapter 2 Is due to begin on June 11, although the new season to date has Been pushed.

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