Chrome Web Store Developers Will Need To Find A New Way To Monetize Their Extensions

Developers Will Have to Discover a new way to market their Chrome Internet 1, 2020, and also all payments will be halted come February 1, 2021. The use of the licensing API is going to be closed down sometime following summer, we’re told, however, no firm date has yet been revealed.

Per the published deadline, free trials will probably likely be disabled on December “Should you use the licensing API to keep track of who’s paid, you will Store extensions as Google has decided to permanently end the app.

On paid Chrome Internet Store extensions in a bid to curb what it described as a significant increase in the number of fraudulent transactions intending to exploit users.

Devs which don’t use Chrome Web Store payments to market their extension(s) will not be impacted. For those who will be affected by the change, Google recommends visiting another payments chip. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives so finding the right replacement should not be too much hassle.

If you recall, the search giant earlier this year issued a temporary suspension Need to implement another way of monitoring user licenses,” Google notes.

The suspension was extended on March 27 since Google concentrated on further developing Chrome amid new work-from-home steps because of Covid-19. Now, we are seeing a permanent ban. Additional details about how best to export user licensing can be found over on the Chrome developer website.

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