Android 11 Finally Remove Support For Google Daydream VR

In Reality, the Day-dream applications are not anymore supported at Opensource undertaking. For example, releasing a plugin Isn’t coming any time in the future. Google’s escape has helped cement the energy To get Unity game development in May.

However, a Day-dream replacement probably. Meanwhile, Google has changed its attention from VR to augmented reality. All by Google. It won’t receive upgrades, even though users may potentially still get third party VR programs through the Play Store.

Additionally, it stopped the day-dream View headset and dropped support on new Pixel mobiles in 2019. However, it continued to encourage the day-dream program for users. Now that is an end.

Google published a statement saying its most recent edition of Android does not encourage the VR platform’s program.

It has continued to encourage that the more comfortable Cardboard VR system within a Day-dream was one of 2 crucial Phone-Based VR Of all facebook — whose Oculus stage currently dominates user VR.

Symbolic significance — in its statement; Google highlighted the concept that VR has become a portion of their Android platform. However, it fought to set a userbase or find service on many Android mobiles. For the last couple of decades, it is often a popular feature in Google’s giant sandbox.

Google officially dropped daydream virtual-reality support out of Android 1 1 — your last measure up its retirement of this system.

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